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Our Mission

It is our mission to have the items our customers want, when they want them, at the most competitive prices. We know that being Your Profit Source ® is the key to our own success.


UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD is a specialized trading company that supplies components for the development and implementation of projects for the automation of production processes, a wide range of machines and parts for CNC machines. Our goal is a satisfied client.

Technological process automation:

Our specialists will help to select equipment for various automated systems taking into account the production potential of the client’s facilities. Our main clients are engineers and technologists who introduce new automation tools, combining them with existing equipment, or who create technological lines «from scratch».

UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD guarantees and benefits:

Our company works with manufacturers directly or through authorized dealers, therefore it guarantees high quality components, 100% authenticity, competitive prices and a full package of documents required by law. In addition, there are special price offers! Well-developed logistics and cooperation with the largest couriers allow thousands of our clients worldwide to receive their orders in the shortest possible time.

Fair prices, customization and constant communication with the engineers of enterprises working with the equipment that we supply, allow clients to create highly efficient production, to manufacture quality products that meet the requirements of international standards. By contacting us, you will receive not only quality products, but also quality service.


Product quality, we are strongly focused on delivering an excellent service. We offer you complete before and after sales service. Our polite, professional team of customer support staff is available on email to answer your enquiries within 2 working days. Thanks to our in-house QC engineering team, with in-depth electronics product knowledge, we are capable of offering a full 12 month warranty on all our electronic products. 

One on One Service for Business Customers
Custom Consulting Services for Bulk Orders
Custom Sourcing of New Electronic Products from China and England
Logistics Services
Quality Control Services
Custom After-sales Services
Installation of Equipment
Setting up the Equipment
Administration of Equipment

Database Solutions

Our services support a wide range of technologies including Oracle, Oracle E-Business Stack, SAP DBA, SQL Server, Mongo DB, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and Database Appliances.

Run and Maintenance Services:
  • Database Monitoring
  • Incident Management
  • Release / Change Management
  • DB Performance Tuning
  • Backup / Recovery Management
  • Database / ERP Upgrades
  • Database and Application Patching
  • Database and Application Cloning
  • Database Security management
  • Database Space Management
  • SLA Management
  • Database Security Audits
  • Dashboards
Assessment and Evaluation Services:
  • Database Governance & Security
  • Database Health Check
  • Database Capacity Optimization
  • Database Operations Standardization
  • High Availability Solutioning
  • License Rationalization
  • ERP / Database Vulnerability Assessment
  • DBA Tools Evaluation
  • Database Upgrade and Global Rollout Assessment
Build and Implementation Services:
  • Implement ERP / database high availability solutions
  • Implement Database Governance & Security standards
  • Upgrade: patch set and version
  • Migration: Cross platform / database
  • Database Performance standardization
  • ERP third-party integrations

Software Development

Our company carries out software development of any level of complexity for the solution of tasks of any profile.

The standard algorithm of interaction between the developer and the client looks as follows:

Software development starts with IT consulting

  1. After receiving a request for software development, our experts do the primary assessment of the project including approximate terms of creation of product.
  2. If the Client accepted the sounded conditions, the parties sign the contract for modeling project documentation, then business analysts connect to the process of IT consulting. The task of specialists at this stage is a scrupulous investigation of  customers requirements and their relation to the real need for the implementation of  different functions. IT consulting also includes miscalculation of possible risks and the elaboration of optimal solutions. The result of business analysts work is technical specification (complete project documentation), which will allow to make an exact assessment of a product and will help to define exact terms of software development:
  • If the exact cost estimation satisfied customer and doesn’t extended beyond his budget for application development, we sign a contract, and software development is entering active phase;
  • If the budget is not enough, we suggest either reduce demand or to break the system into several functional parts and to develop them gradually (at first we start the system with a basic system functionality, then we make gradual completion according to earlier sounded requirements);
  • If the assessment is fully gone beyond the client’s budget, in his hands will be full requirements specification, with which he can always turn to us again, and then the development of software will be released in an active phase.

Software development process is divided into the following components

  1. Design  –  designer creates the whole look of the application on the basis of graphic layouts which are available in the specifications. All layouts are previously worked by usability specialists and business analyst.
  2. Front –End Development (HTML coding)  – process of cutting design models and creating patterns of HTML-pages.
  3. Programming – main phase, which includes a comprehensive software development. Not only programmers work over this stage, other professionals, such as architects of databases also can participate in the work process.
  4. Testing – procedure of searching errors with purpose of their subsequent removal.

Certain items are:

  • Support – after a software development stage, you will certainly need to make certain improvements in connection with the expansion of your business, areas of your activity. Our clients are always in a priority position, therefore, all necessary changes will be made in the shortest period of time.
  • The work of the project manager who manages whole procedure of software development and brings to each link all customer requests and comments.  Project manager is always on the customer’s side and examines each of his requests.

Global Presence

We ship to over 100 countries worldwide. As one of the nation’s largest wholesalers of general merchandise, we import thousands of items, wholesale them and export internationally. Our multilingual sales team is available to make working with UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD easy. We offer competitive shipping rates and have an experienced shipping department available to help our customers make exporting orders of any size easy and cost effective.


We have the widest variety of products in the industry: electronics, telecommunication equipment, video equipment, server equipment, appliances, tools/hardware, televisions, industrial electronics  and much more!


We offer tools to calculate potential profits, a complete catalogue online, online event registration, real-time availability of loads and more!


We cater to all kinds of resale businesses – large and small, very experienced or just starting out. UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD has no minimum order amount and no business license is needed to purchase from us.


Your emails will be replied to in a timely manner and you will always have a personal to talk to when calling during business hours.


A permit that allows you to resell merchandise legally, and to buy merchandise without paying sales tax at the time of purchase.


Dedicated Account Managers understand your business, offer appropriate merchandise and assist you with every aspect of your cooperation with us.

Our Price

We are not limited to this product only. We also have vast opportunities for manufacturing products under the Customer’s brand. We provide delivery of any other equipment upon the request of the Customer.

You can always download the current price for our products.

Network Hardware

We provide our customers with the best prices for network hardware from such companies as Cisco, D-Link, Mikrotik, TP-Link and others. 

Please check our price list.

Telecommunication Equipment

We provide our customers with the best prices for telecommunication equipment from such companies as Aastra, Westermo, Ruckus, Allied Telesis and others. 

Please check our price list.

Server Equipment

We provide our customers with the best prices for server equipment from such companies as HP, Intel, IBM, Compass and others. 

Please check our price list.


Easy Shipping

Take advantage of our convenient shipping options.

Drop Shipping

When an order is placed on your website, we ship the items to your customer. You pay us for the merchandise and shipping. You keep the profit — the difference between your selling price and your wholesale cost.

Our Shipping Department will find the cheapest and fastest freight options for all LTL orders. Please feel free to contact our shipping department to get an accurate freight quote on any order above 100 pounds. All orders will have updated tracking information as soon as the goods are shipped from our warehouse.

About Us

Our company is one of the nation’s largest direct importers of electronics, telecommunication equipment, server equipment and other.

Developing and expanding new frontiers by exploring, learning and innovating
Creating and delivering value to our customers
Maintaining trust, respect and openness in all our relationships

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An Incredible Team

We has a team of in-house, highly experienced sales people to help you with your orders and guide you through our product line. They are here to help with your shopping and ordering experience, and can help you select merchandise for your store, online business, or organization that fit your needs. Whether you are a first time customer or have a long-term relationship with UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD, our multi-lingual sales team is happy to work with you and show you that UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD is really “Your Profit Source”.

Nick Mendez

Chief Executive Officer

Sonja Mann

Head of Logistic Department

Shelly Chapman

Financial Analyst


Feedback from our best customers.

UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD professional & courteous service initially made me start doing business with them and there's no end to it. They are flexible, reliable, and most importantly every staff members are committed to help clients. I'm a very small fish in their big pond, but they always treat me like a VIP."

Dexter Moyo

"I recently ordered from UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD and I have to say I didn't have any issues. Customer Service was Great!! Everything was handled in a professional manner and they followed up with me regarding my order, as well as answered any questions I had. I will definitely use UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD in the future and recommend UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD to other retailers around my area."

Stacey Lambert

"The staff made me feel welcome and presented me all the good deals. Being a dollar store owner, the prices are the best I found and couldn't be beat. Not to mention the wide selection. I recommend everyone to come here for wholesale shopping and will be a repeat loyal customer in the years to come!"

Herbert Murray

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my order in yesterday and I couldn't be happier with it. Everything is in such great condition and the variety is awesome. I'm excited to start selling so I can come back for more! Thank you very much for assisting me with my order and helping me find the best option to start with. I'm looking forward to continuing doing business with you!"

Kellie Hill

UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD recently changed my life. I have been a customer for a while now and I am checking out on their good deals every day. Thank you UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD team."

Robyn Smith

Awesome features

UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD has always focused on the importance of building meaningful relationships with our customers, and to maintain this, our sales team regularly travels the world, visiting our customers at their store locations to build and strengthen our position as a great vendor for the best products around.

Our Partners

Three Key Features


Our 99.7% fulfillment rate is based on the efficiency of our warehouse team, and our inventory which is routinely inspected and counted to insure we can fulfill orders. 


Efficiency of our orders getting to your door, and the organization of our inventory


Helping the community and making it a huge priority to help people and support other organizations to reach our common goal.

Choose How To Do It

UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD serves a wide variety of industries including businesses, organizations and individual bargain seekers. We specialize in providing wholesale general merchandise products for brick and mortar stores and online retailers, and other wholesalers throughout the country and around the World.

Thanks to the depth of our product line and ease of ordering our items, we happily provide merchandise to organizations, clubs, swap meet sellers, flea markets, special event coordinators, fundraisers, charities, school PTAs and many other product value seekers. 

Whether you own a large chain of retail stores or a single location, have an ecommerce site, an Amazon FBA seller, or are an individual shopper seeking bargains for yourself or your organization, UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD is here to help provide you with all of the products you need!

Our Advantages

As the years went on and the general merchandise retail market has continued to change, UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD has changed with the times, adding not only thousands of new fast-selling products, but expanding into different price points as well!  UK FENIX ALLIANCE LTD has over 10,000 items, sells merchandise to over 100 countries worldwide, and continues to be a family owned and operated business, celebrating many years of wholesale merchandise distribution.